Keeping up with pool maintenance can be stressful if you already have a busy schedule. Don’t worry! We can help you out on a weekly basis and assist you with keeping your pool clean and ready to use. Our professionals will be sure to arrive on time, provide a crystal-clear pool service, and leave a smile on your face. We want to make owning a pool as easy as possible for our clients. If you are planning an upcoming pool party and need extra help that week, let us know and we can make it happen. If you forget to let us know, here are some helpful tips from your trusted pool cleaners in The Woodlands.

Tips from the Most Trusted Pool Cleaners in The Woodlands

1. Straighten Up

 First, you want to declutter and get rid of all the loose trash. You will want to rinse off all your pool toys and floats so they can start drying off. Be sure to clean up any leftover food or drinks, so you can then hose off your deck/patio to get rid of the debris before it reaches the pool.

2. Put Away Pool Equipment

Now, you can put away the pool toys and floats you had previously washed off. Then, you can start to put back any equipment that you had taken out before the guests arrived like your pool vacuum or chlorine floater. It’s time to let them get back to work!

3. Skim, Brush, & Vacuum Your Pool

It has probably been a long day of swimming and hosting, but if you put in just a few extra minutes for the next steps you will get your pool back in top-notch shape. Go ahead and do a quick skim of your pool, especially if you already see debris floating around. Then, you can start to brush the walls of your pool to get all the dirt and algae off. Lastly, you can rely on your automatic pool vacuum to get the rest going. This is one of the most time-intensive jobs of owning a pool and it helps to have a reliable partner. Call Aspen Pool Company – the pool cleaners in The Woodlands trusted by more homeowners.

4. Test Pool Water

With all the people using your pool, go ahead and do a quick water analysis. With all the sunscreen, sweat, food, and drinks you don’t want to leave it untouched or algae and other germs will start to grow.

5. Run Filter Systems & Pump

Your final step is to circulate and filter your water. It might take a little longer to get your pool clean and filtered, so you can leave your systems running a little bit longer than usual.

We hope these tips are useful for your next pool party. And, once again, if you need help reach out to your local pool cleaners in the Woodlands and we’ll get your pool squeaky clean.

For The Woodlands, TX swimming pool cleaning service, contact Aspen today!