If you’ve been searching “pool maintenance near me Houston TX,” hoping to find the perfect company, we are just what you’ve been looking for. It’s important to keep up with your pool, and our team is ready to take on that task for you. If you have a busy schedule a need some extra help, we can do just that.

Keeping a consistent schedule is beneficial for you and your pool. We can provide you with weekly maintenance at Aspen Pool Company. If you have the time but need a little guidance on how to keep up with your pool, here’s a schedule you can follow.

Daily Cleaning Schedule

1. Empty Skimmer Basket

To make sure your pool is circulating correctly, you want to empty the skimmer daily to prevent it from getting clogged.

2. Run Pool Pump

Under regular conditions your pool pump should run for about 8 hours a day. If possible, to make things easier, you can hook up an automatic timer to stay more consistent.

3. Skim Pool’s Surface

Skimming your pool daily is the simplest way to keep your pool clean. By doing so, you’ll help prevent leaves and debris from sinking to the pool’s bottom and causing buildup that is more difficult to clean.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

1. Vacuum the Pool

Any leaves and debris that you might happen to miss from skimming the pool will eventually sink to the bottom. By using a pool vacuum you’ll be sure to get any of that buildup off the bottom of the pool.

2. Brush the Walls

Algae and other debris will eventually grow onto the sides of your pool. Keeping up with brushing the walls of your pool is important for your pool to stay in the best shape.

3. Test Water Levels

It is important to keep your water pH levels balanced so that you can have clean pool water. By testing the water chemistry weekly, you can know when it is time to add any needed chemicals.

4. Check Filter

Pool filters are an important part of your pool and keeping it healthy and clean. By checking it weekly you’ll know exactly when it is time to be replaced.

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We are ready to take the stress off your hands and provide you with a flawless pool all summer long.

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