Pool Repair Company in Montrose TX

Pool Repair Company in Montrose TX

Pool ownership is exciting, but it’s also a lot of work. Aspen Pool Company offers maintenance, repair, remodeling and installation services to help you maintain your swimming pool. Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, we’re ready to assist you.

From tripped breakers to GFCIs, we can fix all electrical issues in your pool equipment. We can even install a new pool heater to keep your water warm.

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Pool Filter Cleaning & Replacement

If your pool’s filter is not keeping your water clean, it may need professional cleaning or replacement. Whether you have a cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, our local technicians can clean or repair them. DE filters use a powder made from the microscopic skeletons of algae-eating subaquatic plants called diatoms to coat nylon-covered grids in the filter, trapping dirt and allowing the water to pass through. This type of filter should be backwashed every time the pressure gauge reaches 8-10 lbs.

Providing weekly pool service, chemical treatment and balancing, remodeling, unique accommodations, water testing and more, we’re fully dedicated to assisting you in the care of your outdoor living space. We value professionalism, responsive customer service and consistency to serve you better.

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Pool Equipment & Pump Leak Detection

If you suspect a pool leak, shut off the pump and plug the drain, skimmer, and return lines with expansion plugs. This will rule out a plumbing leak. Afterward, carefully inspect around the area of the leak while keeping water levels in mind. It is important to not let excess water pool where it shouldn’t be, as this could cause structural damage to the pool and deck.

If the pool is leaking only when the equipment is running, it could be an indication of a pressure-side return leak. This is when the plumbing on the pressure side of the filter pump is under constant pressure, which can turn small drips into spraying gushers. In these cases, look for wet spots in the yard downhill from the pool where the leaking water is surfacing. Squirt a little bit of leak detection dye near the spot, and you should see it move towards the location of the leak like a current.

If this sounds complicated, that’s because it can be.

Pool Leak Detection

While some water loss is normal and caused by evaporation, don’t ignore pool leaks. If you are losing more water than usual, it is time to call a professional for pool leak detection. The sooner you address a leak, the less it will cost you in utilities and landscaping costs.

Depending on the location and type of leak, professionals can use a variety of methods to pinpoint the source. A common type of leak is in the underground plumbing, and these can go unnoticed for a long period of time. These types of leaks are costly to repair and can be a sign of more serious problems on your property.

A simple test for a leak in the pool plumbing is to drop some dye near the suspected area while the pump is off and the water is still. If the dye moves toward the leak, this is a good indication that the problem is in that area.

Pool Pump Repair

The pool pump is the center of your filtration system, creating the flow that allows chemicals to circulate and sanitize your water. It is crucial for your pool’s health and clarity! If your pool pump is making loud noises or not working, it is time to call for repairs.

A humming or whirring noise from your pump is typically caused by the bearings wearing out. These can be replaced and are fairly inexpensive to do so. It is important that these are addressed quickly as they can cause other problems.

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Our qualified professionals combine their unmatched experience with professional tools to restore your pool’s performance and comfort. Simply schedule an appointment with our team, and our evaluators will thoroughly inspect every inch of your pool and equipment. Our pool repair technicians will then arrive at your door at your preferred time, leaving no stone unturned until your pool’s performance is restored to perfection.

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Contact us now to set up an appointment with our pool repair experts. Experience top-notch service and regain the full functionality of your pool.

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