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If you have the time to put into your pool but need some direction on how to stay on top of it, here are a few weekly pool cleaning tips.

5 Pool Maintenance Tips

1. Skim Your Pool’s Surface

A ton of leaves and debris will constantly be blown onto your pool’s surface. So much so, you should be skimming your pool daily. After a while the leaves and other debris will sink to the bottom of your pool causing unwanted buildup. For that reason, tackle the buildup by skimming daily.

2. Vacuum Your Pool

As mentioned earlier, all the debris from the top of your pool will eventually sink to the bottom. By vacuuming your pool, you’ll be cleaning all that build up to leave the bottom of your pool looking spotless. You can choose between a manual or automatic vacuum, where the automatic option will save you time and energy.

3. Check Filter

Your pool filter is the heart of the pool, circulating the water to clean out as much debris as possible. You want to make sure to clean it out frequently to make sure it is operating properly.

4. Brush the Walls You Pool

Along with the bottom of your pool, the sides of your pool will also collect buildup. Normally it’s from algae and other debris. For that reason, you want to make sure to give the walls a good clean to get anything your vacuum wasn’t able to get.

5. Test Pool Levels

Another big thing you want to stay on top of is your water’s pH level. You should check your water’s chemistry on a weekly basis. The health of your water is important to keeping you and your pool safe. If needed, you should add the correct chemicals which contain sanitizer and disinfectant to help control the growth of algae.

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