Owning a swimming pool comes with added responsibility and upkeep. It’s important to keep up with your pool’s maintenance so you’re getting the most out of your backyard investment. The little bit of time you put into keeping up with your pool will only cause you to enjoy your pool for even longer. Putting together a schedule is not only beneficial for the pool’s water and equipment but as well as helping you stay on top of things. If you end up not being able to add the upkeep to your already full schedule, give us a call for the best swimming pool maintenance in Spring TX.

Here’s an example of a schedule you can follow for your pool’s maintenance.

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Spring TX – Daily Pool Cleaning Schedule

1. Skim Pool

Skimming the surface of your pool is the quickest and easiest step in cleaning your pool. By doing this daily you’ll prevent leaves and debris from sinking to the bottom and making it much more difficult to clean.

2. Empty Skimmer Basket

You want to make sure your pool is circulating correctly, so by emptying the skimmer basket daily you’ll help prevent it from getting clogged.

3. Run the Pump

Normally, your pump should run for about 8 hours a day under regular conditions. To make things even easier you can hook up an automatic timer to help you stay consistent.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Schedule

1. Test Pool Water & Levels

Keeping your water chemistry balanced is a critical part of making sure your pool water is healthy. You are going to want to test the water weekly to see if you need to add any chemicals. Also, you want to check the levels to make sure your pump is working and circulating the water correctly.

2. Pool Vacuum

Any debris that you happen to miss from skimming your pool will eventually sink to the bottom. By using a vacuum, whether it is manual or automatic, you’ll be sure to get any of the buildup on the bottom of your pool.

3. Brush Walls

Debris and algae will eventually start to grow and buildup on the walls of your pool. By brushing the sides of your pool, you will be able to keep a handle on it and get anything the pool vacuum missed.

4. Check Filter

Pool filters are another vital part of keeping your pool clean. You want to make sure to check it weekly to see if it needs to be replaced.

If you can’t find the time to fit all of this into your schedule, give us a call and we can provide you with weekly swimming pool maintenance in Spring TX.

Give us a call today for swimming pool maintenance in Spring TX to maintain your crystal-clear pool!